Entry #1


2014-03-27 00:07:12 by olive6608

Hello, my name is maya. I joined  newgrounds just to see what its all about since I started to hear lots about it recently and have accidently wandered into this part of the interned a few times before. Just some background info: I want to work on my art (obviously), work on storyboarding, animation, and concept art. I used to animate in a small community called doink but sadly they couldn't support the website any more so im a bit rusty on animation. I hope I get well accainted here and meet lots of new friends! 




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2014-05-18 01:14:22

Hey, hi, welcome to Newgrounds! Glad you got scouted quickly! You know if you don't want to submit your animations to the portal, you can upload them here http://www.newgrounds.com/dump then you can post the link on your blog page, so only your fans can see it.


2014-08-24 19:41:47

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olive6608 responds: